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JFA Legal Chartered Legal ExecutivesJFA Legal is a firm of Chartered Legal Executives with more than 15 years of experience.

What is a Chartered Legal Executive?

Legal Executives have existed for a long time but have only recently obtained chartered status. Chartered Legal Executives have always been qualified and regulated lawyers, however, this new status means that you can now be further assured of receiving quality advice from an experienced professional.

The main difference between a Chartered Legal Executive and a solicitor is the training. The training a Chartered Legal Executive undergoes is far more focused on the area of law they will specialise in, meaning that they often have a higher level of expertise and practical experience within these specialised areas.

Chartered Legal Executives are fully qualified and regulated lawyers who can provide guidance direct to clients. This is what sets Chartered Legal Executives apart – we can you give fast, direct, expert advice without the large fees that come with a firm of solicitors.

The Law


What does JFA Legal do?

Our expert team is made up of lawyers specialising in:

• Employment Law and Tribunal representation

• Outsourced HR solutions

• Commercial contracts

• Debt recovery


 Why choose us?

At JFA Legal, it's simple – you need straight legal advice and we provide it. We know that every business is unique and there is no 'one size fits all' solution. We provide bespoke services for our clients, giving you peace of mind that your business is fully up to date and secure on every legal front.

Keeping costs downWe cater for small to medium businesses and have a flexible approach, meaning that you are never tied into agreements to continue to use us for every aspect of your legal representation. We continually review your needs and accommodate them in a way that suits you, our valued client, best. We work with you as part of your team, providing a professional, accessible legal service tailored to your requirements.

When you use JFA Legal, you bypass the hefty cost of using a firm of solicitors without compromising on quality of service. Our hourly rates are the lowest you'll find, for the best legal advice and guidance available. Our fees are around two-thirds cheaper than those of the average solicitor. This means you can afford the legal service you need to ensure that you won't be caught out with your business requirements. You no longer have to forego crucial legal consultation simply because you can't afford the large fees that solicitors charge.


When you use JFA Legal, you get:

• A free initial consultation to discuss your needs, without any obligation to continue with us;

• Low hourly rates;

• A choice of representation or support. We can represent you in full or in part, or simply provide you with the advice and support you need to handle proceedings yourself, depending upon the nature of your case and your budget;

• An instalment plan, where appropriate, to accommodate your legal budget;

• Flexibility – we review your case as we go, so you are not locked into agreements that may change as requirements change.

We pride ourselves on providing the best legal advice and consultation at an affordable price for businesses.

Whether you need a contract drafted from scratch, a review of an existing contract or advice on a third party contract you have been asked to sign, JFA Legal can assist.

Why have a commercial contract?

A properly drafted commercial contract has the potential to avoid disputes arising at all by explicitly stating the expectations of all parties from the outset. Sometimes, however, disputes are inevitable, in which case, a professionally drafted contract will save you significant costs because it will define clear pathways for resolving disputes in a cost-effective way that minimises disruption to your business.

Often, a business may decide against incurring the initial cost to have a legal professional work on their contract and choose to draft it themselves, often using online precedents without the specialised knowledge required. The alternative may be to neglect to put a commercial contract in place at all, preferring to work on trust. This is a risky strategy that can have adverse effects on your business that are completely avoidable without incurring a huge legal bill. By having a commercial contract drafted by a legal professional, you are protecting your business from the outset.


Commercial Contracts

What is a commercial contract used for?

A commercial contract can be put in place for a variety of services, transactions and business agreements, such as the purchase of goods and services. The contract is a way of keeping both parties informed of what would happen in every eventuality that could occur when doing business.

Why use a legal service?

JFA Legal is a firm of Chartered Legal Executives with the knowledge and expertise you need to professionally review and draft your commercial contracts. Our fees are significantly lower than those charged by solicitors without any compromise on the quality of the advice you receive.

Contract Drafting.

Contract drafting is an involved process which requires legal advice by lawyers who are aware of all current legislation and will also ensure that there are no gaps in the contract that could catch you out.

agreeing a contractIt is also important to ensure that all parties are aware of the terms and fully understand them. This requires that your contract is written in plain English, free from legal jargon. By doing so not only do you protect your business, but you ensure that a good relationship is maintained with the other parties without any unnecessary conflicts.

Commercial relationships can be a source of serious disagreements which can lead to soured relationships that impact negatively on the future of a business. Ensuring that every party is clear and happy from the beginning is crucial.

At JFA Legal we are committed to drafting contracts in plain English, free from all legal jargon, to ensure that all parties can easily understand what is required of them.

Contract Reviews

You may already have drafted commercial contracts, with or without appropriate legal assistance. In these instances, it is important to review the contracts with someone who has the proper expertise and knowledge to advise on the validity of all the individual clauses of your contract. It is also important to have your contracts reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they still protect you in the best way possible following any changes in the law.

Often, a business will enter into a commercial contract not being fully aware of the terms. They may not know how long they are to be tied into the contract or they may not be aware of their rights and options for termination of the contract.

As laws change, so can the validity of individual clauses within commercial contracts. In some cases where agreements are poorly drafted the invalidity of a single clause may result in the entire contract becoming void and unenforceable. By instructing JFA Legal to review your existing contracts you ensure that your terms are up to date, that you are fully compliant with the law and that your business is properly protected.

experts in their field

 Why JFA Legal?

We have the specialised knowledge and expertise required for both drafting and reviewing commercial contracts at affordable rates, making us a far more cost-effective option businesses.

Our team works with closely with you, making sure that you understand every part of every contract you enter into. We provide you with contracts, or advice on current contracts, that protect your business for every eventuality. We can also provide a comprehensive service that keeps you fully supported throughout your contract drafting and reviewing as well as ad hoc advice when you need it.

Commercial litigation may be required for a variety of issues such as breach of contract, partnership disputes or debt recovery.

When would you need commercial litigation?

If you didn't put well-drafted commercial contracts in place at the beginning of a business relationship you are at risk of disputes arising simply because there will be a lack of clarity as to the expectations of the parties. Disputes can do a lot of financial damage, both in the short term because of the cost and time involved dealing with the problem and also to the on-going business relationship of those involved.

JFA Legal provides commercial litigation support services to small to medium businesses. Where necessary we do this in conjunction with experienced barristers instructed under the public access scheme. What this means to you is that you receive a service that is comparable to the traditional service that you would get from a solicitor, but at a fraction of the cost.

We only refer cases to barristers we know and have a strong working relationship with. This enables us to get the job done for you in the shortest amount of time, which provides you with many benefits, including:

1 Removing the need for you to spend more time than necessary dealing with any dispute, allowing you to concentrate on running your business;

2 Ensuring that you receive the most cost effective solution available.

Get solutions to the problemJFA Legal will provide you with quality litigation support throughout your case and can assist with all areas of commercial litigation, such as professional negligence, distributor disputes and contractual disagreements. We are also able to provide ongoing assistance with your business relationships, including drafting contracts to avoid disputes arising or ensuring that they can be brought to a swift and low cost resolution if they do.

Our approach is straight-forward and direct, saving time and money in order to minimise the amount of disruption to your business.

Debt Recovery can be a sensitive area to approach. It is our aim to work closely with our clients in order to provide exactly what they need and to achieve the best outcome possible.

final noticeWhat is Debt Recovery?

Debt recovery can include either credit control measures or legal procedures to help your business to recover debts owed to them. These debts are usually unpaid invoices which, if left unpaid, can have a serious effect on your cash flow and business as a whole.

There are a variety of legal procedures that need to be followed and other implications that need to be considered. Businesses that do not have the necessary in-house legal resources should consider using the services of a qualified legal advisor that has the knowledge, expertise and experience they need. It is crucial to go about recovering debts in the correct manner to ensure a successful outcome, for this reason we recommend avoiding the use of debt recovery companies with no legal expertise.

successJFA Legal Debt Recovery.

JFA Legal has a unique debt collection service that combines credit control techniques and legal recovery procedures, providing our clients with the maximum control over their debtor ledger.

For a fixed fee, we chase the debt on your behalf combining both approaches to avoid any delays or risk that you will not recover your costs due to procedural errors. We pursue the debt via procedures that are at all times compliant with legal pre-action protocols using letters and phone calls. If this is not successful, we will then prepare your county court proceedings ready for you to submit online. (N.B. The issue fee for these is not included in our fee and further fees may be incurred as your claim progresses.)

We can also provide a bespoke service, which includes a review of your business and the setting up of a tailor made credit control and recovery procedure. Whichever option you go for, JFA Legal make sure that you are fully informed and involved throughout the entire process.

Our aim is to recover your debt in full, as quickly as possible, while minimising any damage to your relationship with the debtor. Debts are handled sensitively, but firmly, at all times.


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