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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery can be a sensitive area to approach. It is our aim to work closely with our clients in order to provide exactly what they need and to achieve the best outcome possible.

final noticeWhat is Debt Recovery?

Debt recovery can include either credit control measures or legal procedures to help your business to recover debts owed to them. These debts are usually unpaid invoices which, if left unpaid, can have a serious effect on your cash flow and business as a whole.

There are a variety of legal procedures that need to be followed and other implications that need to be considered. Businesses that do not have the necessary in-house legal resources should consider using the services of a qualified legal advisor that has the knowledge, expertise and experience they need. It is crucial to go about recovering debts in the correct manner to ensure a successful outcome, for this reason we recommend avoiding the use of debt recovery companies with no legal expertise.

successJFA Legal Debt Recovery.

JFA Legal has a unique debt collection service that combines credit control techniques and legal recovery procedures, providing our clients with the maximum control over their debtor ledger.

For a fixed fee, we chase the debt on your behalf combining both approaches to avoid any delays or risk that you will not recover your costs due to procedural errors. We pursue the debt via procedures that are at all times compliant with legal pre-action protocols using letters and phone calls. If this is not successful, we will then prepare your county court proceedings ready for you to submit online. (N.B. The issue fee for these is not included in our fee and further fees may be incurred as your claim progresses.)

We can also provide a bespoke service, which includes a review of your business and the setting up of a tailor made credit control and recovery procedure. Whichever option you go for, JFA Legal make sure that you are fully informed and involved throughout the entire process.

Our aim is to recover your debt in full, as quickly as possible, while minimising any damage to your relationship with the debtor. Debts are handled sensitively, but firmly, at all times.


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Jenny is great. Excellent attention to details and follow-ups. Would definitely hire again.
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Jenny helped me to recover over £4000 that was owed to me by an established company that I did a substantial amount of work for. I was actually … read more
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very good work; short turnaround time Will definitely work with her again
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