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Shareholder and partnership agreements

Shareholder and partnership disputes are notoriously expensive and can be extremely long and drawn out. They carry a huge risk for massive falling-out between business partners or shareholders that is irreconcilable. Getting the right people for the job is critical for a successful resolution that doesn't drag on and on, deplete your finances and destroy a business that you may have spent many years developing.


Avoiding disputes.

Prevention is better than cure in any legal disagreement, shareholder and partnership disputes are no exception. JFA Legal can assist with the process of putting together proper shareholder agreements that remove the risk of disputes occurring later on. It is often the absence of clearly defined processes for dispute resolution that enable a disagreement to continue and escalate. The simple step of considering and agreeing how disputes will be resolved can avoid future disputes altogether.

In addition, with a proper agreement in place that clearly sets out the expectations of all parties, there is limited scope for disagreements in the first place. If they should still arise a well drafted agreement will provide a clear procedure for resolving them to the benefit of all parties and the business as a whole.

Once a dispute has arisen, this may no longer be an option for businesses and many profitable companies have been completely destroyed as a direct result of irreconcilable disagreements between their partners or shareholders.

How we resolve disputes.

JFA Legal can assist at any level - negotiation, mediation or litigation support. What we focus on is getting a resolution as quickly as possible. Too often, shareholder and partnership disputes drag on for years because no solution can be found, and as a result, businesses fail.

We endeavour to address the issues in the disagreement head-on and quickly, as this tends to be the most successful way to get a resolution. The longer a dispute goes on for, the more expensive it becomes and the less likely you are to find a solution that all parties will agree to. Also in many cases our appointment can, in itself give the opportunity for both parties to take stock of the situation and negotiate in a fresh and more constructive way.

Time is of the essence when seeking legal advice and we strongly recommend that advice be sought at the first sign of any disagreement. It is at this the point that it will be most likely that the parties will be able to agree to put in place a suitable agreement to resolve the difficulty and avoid further conflict in the future.

Why JFA Legal?

JFA Legal has the advantage of working in conjunction with experienced barristers, whose expertise distinctly increases the chance of finding the swiftest resolution for your business. We provide continued litigation support to you at all stages, ensuring that you stand the best chance of a successful outcome at the most cost-effective price. You can be assured of full support from both us and your barrister at all stages during the course of negotiations or litigation.

There are several benefits to instructing us to assist with your partnership or shareholder dispute, including:

1 The combination of our litigation support and the expertise of a carefully selected barrister will provide you with the most cost effective solution available;

2 You will receive that cost effective solution with no compromise to the quality of service;

3 We can also work with you to avoid future disputes in other areas that will help to protect your business.

Shareholder and partnership disputes require careful legal work to ensure minimal escalation and minimal damage to relationships and we will work hard at all times to preserve those relationships where possible.


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