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Commercial Contracts

Whether you need a contract drafted from scratch, a review of an existing contract or advice on a third party contract you have been asked to sign, JFA Legal can assist.

Why have a commercial contract?

A properly drafted commercial contract has the potential to avoid disputes arising at all by explicitly stating the expectations of all parties from the outset. Sometimes, however, disputes are inevitable, in which case, a professionally drafted contract will save you significant costs because it will define clear pathways for resolving disputes in a cost-effective way that minimises disruption to your business.

Often, a business may decide against incurring the initial cost to have a legal professional work on their contract and choose to draft it themselves, often using online precedents without the specialised knowledge required. The alternative may be to neglect to put a commercial contract in place at all, preferring to work on trust. This is a risky strategy that can have adverse effects on your business that are completely avoidable without incurring a huge legal bill. By having a commercial contract drafted by a legal professional, you are protecting your business from the outset.


Commercial Contracts

What is a commercial contract used for?

A commercial contract can be put in place for a variety of services, transactions and business agreements, such as the purchase of goods and services. The contract is a way of keeping both parties informed of what would happen in every eventuality that could occur when doing business.

Why use a legal service?

JFA Legal is a firm of Chartered Legal Executives with the knowledge and expertise you need to professionally review and draft your commercial contracts. Our fees are significantly lower than those charged by solicitors without any compromise on the quality of the advice you receive.

Contract Drafting.

Contract drafting is an involved process which requires legal advice by lawyers who are aware of all current legislation and will also ensure that there are no gaps in the contract that could catch you out.

agreeing a contractIt is also important to ensure that all parties are aware of the terms and fully understand them. This requires that your contract is written in plain English, free from legal jargon. By doing so not only do you protect your business, but you ensure that a good relationship is maintained with the other parties without any unnecessary conflicts.

Commercial relationships can be a source of serious disagreements which can lead to soured relationships that impact negatively on the future of a business. Ensuring that every party is clear and happy from the beginning is crucial.

At JFA Legal we are committed to drafting contracts in plain English, free from all legal jargon, to ensure that all parties can easily understand what is required of them.

Contract Reviews

You may already have drafted commercial contracts, with or without appropriate legal assistance. In these instances, it is important to review the contracts with someone who has the proper expertise and knowledge to advise on the validity of all the individual clauses of your contract. It is also important to have your contracts reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they still protect you in the best way possible following any changes in the law.

Often, a business will enter into a commercial contract not being fully aware of the terms. They may not know how long they are to be tied into the contract or they may not be aware of their rights and options for termination of the contract.

As laws change, so can the validity of individual clauses within commercial contracts. In some cases where agreements are poorly drafted the invalidity of a single clause may result in the entire contract becoming void and unenforceable. By instructing JFA Legal to review your existing contracts you ensure that your terms are up to date, that you are fully compliant with the law and that your business is properly protected.

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 Why JFA Legal?

We have the specialised knowledge and expertise required for both drafting and reviewing commercial contracts at affordable rates, making us a far more cost-effective option businesses.

Our team works with closely with you, making sure that you understand every part of every contract you enter into. We provide you with contracts, or advice on current contracts, that protect your business for every eventuality. We can also provide a comprehensive service that keeps you fully supported throughout your contract drafting and reviewing as well as ad hoc advice when you need it.


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