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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation may be required for a variety of issues such as breach of contract, partnership disputes or debt recovery.

When would you need commercial litigation?

If you didn't put well-drafted commercial contracts in place at the beginning of a business relationship you are at risk of disputes arising simply because there will be a lack of clarity as to the expectations of the parties. Disputes can do a lot of financial damage, both in the short term because of the cost and time involved dealing with the problem and also to the on-going business relationship of those involved.

JFA Legal provides commercial litigation support services to small to medium businesses. Where necessary we do this in conjunction with experienced barristers instructed under the public access scheme. What this means to you is that you receive a service that is comparable to the traditional service that you would get from a solicitor, but at a fraction of the cost.

We only refer cases to barristers we know and have a strong working relationship with. This enables us to get the job done for you in the shortest amount of time, which provides you with many benefits, including:

1 Removing the need for you to spend more time than necessary dealing with any dispute, allowing you to concentrate on running your business;

2 Ensuring that you receive the most cost effective solution available.

Get solutions to the problemJFA Legal will provide you with quality litigation support throughout your case and can assist with all areas of commercial litigation, such as professional negligence, distributor disputes and contractual disagreements. We are also able to provide ongoing assistance with your business relationships, including drafting contracts to avoid disputes arising or ensuring that they can be brought to a swift and low cost resolution if they do.

Our approach is straight-forward and direct, saving time and money in order to minimise the amount of disruption to your business.


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