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HR people workingSpending time keeping up-to-date with employment law obligations and human resource management issues can be a frustrating addition to the demands of running a business. This can be especially true for a small or medium-sized business, where resources are often stretched. While it's tempting to either let matters slide or take on expert personnel, these are rarely the best options. Failing to comply with legal obligations can have costly results, while taking on a staff member just isn't cost-effective for a SME that also has to cope with fluctuating demand and unforeseen events.

Outsourcing your employment law and HR service requirements to JFA Legal may be just the solution your business needs. We not only work to protect your business against potential legal action arising from non-compliance with employment and related legislation, but we also work with you to ensure that you have practical employment law and HR advice on hand at all times. We provide all this in a cost-effective way that is tailored to both your specific needs and to fluctuating demands.

With an hourly rate of just £65 and working on a highly flexible retainer basis, the services offered by us at JFA are second-to-none in the advantages they offer your business.

We work to enhance the systems you already have in place, ensuring they are compliant with all pertinent legislation and suited to your needs. We'll keep you up-to-date in terms of legal compliance with employment law and regulations, and we'll be on hand to assist you with any queries or problems you have relating to employment law and human resource management. Whatever the size of your business, we can provide a service that suits you.

HR stategyAn important part of our service focuses on avoiding problems before they arise. We do this by enhancing employer-employee relations and enabling the promotion of a safe and happy work environment.

As well as these basic employer services, JFA Legal offers expert advice in many other areas of human resource management and employment law. While your monthly retainer may not cover all services, the knowledge we build about your business will ensure that costs for additional services are kept to a minimum and pitched at a sensible level.


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