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Keeping costs downWhen you need legal help, the first thing that springs to mind is 'This is going to cost me'. Solicitors are notorious for charging steep hourly rates. However, it is extremely risky for the safety of your business to proceed with no advice at all, or worse, go for cheap but poor quality advice from inexperienced or unqualified advisors.

Wouldn't it be ideal if you could go to a legal advisor that is fully qualified and regulated, but doesn't charge the expensive rates of a solicitor? With JFA Legal, you can. We are a firm of Chartered Legal Executives providing the best of both worlds - fully qualified, regulated lawyers at affordable prices.

JFA provide legal services for £65 per hour as compared to a firm of solicitors who may charge upwards of £200 per hour. We also provide options for fixed fees as well as conditional or contingency fees, depending on the nature of your case. Whatever your budget, we can arrange an instalment plan to suit you. We are also happy to arrange a cap on your bill so you don't have any unexpected invoices to cope with.

This flexibility of payment options is just one offering that sets JFA Legal apart from other options available to you.

Advocacy fees.

Previously, when it came to advocacy fees, you essentially had three choices:

1) Engage a solicitor to instruct a barrister on your behalf, costing you hours and hours of high legal fees. Alternatively, you could appoint a solicitor to do the advocacy themselves, bypassing the barrister involvement, potentially to the detriment of the case outcome, while still costing the earth.

2) Go it alone and manage the whole process yourself, unsupported by any legal professional and risk missing important legal points that will make the difference between winning and losing your case.

3) Instruct a barrister directly under the public access scheme to advocate on your behalf but without any legal support for the management of the process itself, and still potentially miss important deadlines and issues that will help you to win your case.

Now, with JFA Legal, you have a further option that combines the best of the rest – highly qualified legal support that doesn't encroach on your direct instruction to your barrister. This allows you to benefit from very reasonable legal fees from both ourselves and the barrister you use.

JFA Legal provide a distinct advantage when it comes to arranging advocacy for your case. Thanks to our strong relationships with experienced public access barristers, we are able to offer you a supported direct line of communication at preferential rates. Our network of barristers covers the whole of England and we have the advantage of being able to find you cheaper rates for comparable barristers than you will find anywhere else.

No win - no fee

Depending on the nature of your case, we may be able to offer a 'no win – no fee' arrangement. Where this is not possible we can consider working on a 'no win – low fee' agreement, meaning that you will have a small initial outlay to pay, but nothing further unless you win your case.

JFA Legal strive to make high quality legal support available at a very reasonable cost, so that no one need risk going it alone and getting caught out.


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